Tombow Zoom Light!
In J-Subculture we are big fan of the Japanese stationery brands and Tombow is one of our favourite ones, we already introduce you some of their best products like the Tombow AirPress Pen, with a cool characteristic, the capacity to write even when you are doing overhead, thanks to his unique air pressure system.   Today we want to introduce you another cool stationery product developed by Tombow, the Tombow Zoom Multi Function Pen and Mechanical Pencil.  Sometimes, when you are
For an unforgettable journey! -...
You behold a beautiful scenery that leaves deep impressions, sit in a coffee shop to unwhide from a busy sightseeing tour through the city or a philosophic moment comes to as you wait at a remote railway station, with MIDORI's Travel's Notebook series you may capture the essence of the those very moments and make it an unforgettable memory. The notebooks come in two, brown and black, respective three colors, the 2015 limited blue edition, and two size formats, regular and passport. The starter k
Midori Mini Magnets!
  To those with a great memory, you probably remember that we've introduced to you before a series of adorable animal mini clips by the Japanese stationery company. (Interested in this product? click the following link for details: www.j-subculture.com/guides/sub/623). Today at J-Subculture, we'd like to introduce you to a different adorable series from Midori. They're Midori Mini Magnets! Midori's stationery game is going on strong with these perfectly tiny and practical magnets! The
Bandai Star Wars Plastic Model ...
For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ Neither STAR WARS nor BANDAI need much of an introduction we think, both have been long-establish brands. However when these two join forces, fans of the Star Wars franchise can frolic of the sight of collectibles the cooperation of brands brings about. Bandai plastic model kits are no exception to this excitement and enjoy great popularity. Like the movies are always anxiously anticipated, also hobby enthusiast look forward eagerly to new rel