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【J-SUB Shop Product Introductions – Pikachu related Items】 Pikachu debuts in Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!! And that is for the first time in live-action for Pikachu! From appearance he looks all cute and snugly…but inside a “middle-aged man”?! Hilarous ((*´∀`)) Not only in Japan, but much-loved around the world, this Pikachu finally receives its long-awaited live-action movie adaption☆ Have you taken a closer look at it yet? We thought to take up on the occ
Gundam Markers
The most popular way to make your Gundam look its best is to paint its detail lines.The popular consensus is that you should line with a color and darkness relating to the plastic you're working on. For example, when lining on white use a light gray. For medium colors try a darker gray, and on dark or somethings vibrant colors use a black. If you're lining with paint try to mix in portions of the base color for a subtle effect. Remember to try different things and go with what you think looks
Sanei Boueki Nintendo Plush Cha...
For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓    SANEI's faithfully manufactured and high-quality NINTENDO plush toys are not only a big hit with children, they are also a favorite and great collectible items for any fan of those popular characters that many of us are familiar with from video games, computers or the TV. From the screen they come to you all 3D, touchable and fluffy to snuggle up with. The plushes are beautifully detailed, bringing out all the more o
   Introducing Monchhichi, lovable stuffed monkey-like fairy dolls sure to make anyone smile! Monchhichi were made and sold since 1974 by the famous Japanese doll company Sekiguchi Coporation. It has become so popular that in 1980, a Japanese TV show was broadcasted based on them. It was called, "Futago no Monchhichi," or "Monchhichi Twins." From there on out, the adorable dolls gained fans not only in Japan, but also around the world.  Monchhichi is also
Bandai Gundam Plastic Model Kit...
For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓     It’s about time we dedicate an article to the hugely popular hobby of GUNPLA (ガンプラ Ganpura), which has been around for decades with a devoted and growing fan community in its homeland as well as abroad. Gunpla is the abbreviation (oh how Japanese like to abbreviate things!) of the words GUNDAM + PLASTIC MODEL and the products are manufactured by the renowned Japanese toy company BANDAI. Gunpla are customizable assemb
Mystic, sexy, irresistible, powerful - stage free for some girl action with KOTOBUKIYA's BISHOUJO lineup. Bishoujo (美少女) is a Japanese term used to refer to pretty girls/women and this description couldn't live up more to its very name other than with this beautifully crafted statue series. Bishoujo female characters are in inspired from several famous licences of comic book, movie and video game heroines such as STREET FIGHTER, MARVEL and DC COMICS, TEKKEN and others. Typical the statues
Pentel Multi 8 Mechanical Penci...
Pentel is one of our favorite Japanese stationery goods company, their products design and manufacture follows the most strict quality control standards. Pentel's designs are characterized by that peculiar Japanese way of thinking, and their Pentel Multi 8 multi pen is a shining example of this. Available in two different versions, the Pentel Multi 8 lead holder and the Pentel Multi 8 Ballpoint and Lead Holder. The definitive multi pen!   The Pentel Multi 8 lead holder is able to hold 8 dif
Everyone's Favorite - Yoshi Plu...
  Yoshi, everyone's favorite green dinosaur, comes in plushie form! Nothing can get more adorable than this. With his lovable features heightened by the soft, plushy material, Yoshi plushies have become all the rage for any Nintendo fan out there.  Yoshi has been a well-played character throughout many Nintendo Mario game series over the years. Compared to other famous characters like Mario and Luigi, he doesn't have a specific "power." However, Yoshi is able to ground pound
Banpresto Dragon Ball Figures!
Banpresto is for sure the best brand you can choose if you want perfect replicas and figures of your favorites anime series. Specially well designed and build by the most delicate artists. We want you to listen if you are an enthusiast of Dragon Ball, because this amazing, incredible and astonishing figures are simply the best.  If you are a Dragon Ball addicted, you would better take a look! Here we have, for example, the DFX figures line which is part of the Fighting Combination collecti
Pilot Frixion Ball Slim Pens!
  This pen is revolutionary. This is the pen of your dreams. Here at J-Subculture, we have the pen of the future: Pilot Frixion Ball Slim Pens! The most slender of all the pens from the Pilot Frixion series, Frixion Slim Ball Pens boast of a tip the size of 0.38 mm! Their sleek, slim design allows you to keep as many as you'd like freely in your bags. You can have all the colors of the rainbow without breaking your pencil case. Isn't that fantastic? What is more, since its tip is so small,