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Rosette Cleansing "Pasta"
  Have you tried the Rosette Cleansing "Pasta" series yet? These marvelous facial cleansers will make your skin dewy and luminous. Rosette is a Japanese company that specializes in facial washes. It was established officially in 1934 and has run in the market as a trusted brand for facial washes over the years. But what is Rosette Cleansing "Pasta," and why is it so good for you? In Japanese, Rosette includes the word "pasta" in their products because every fac
Frixion Erasable Color Markers!
  Wanna add more pop to your drawings? Feel the need to highlight sentences in more vivid colors? In love with using colors but afraid of making mistakes? Pilot Frixion Erasable Color Markers are perfect for you! These markers are so colorful, it's as if a stream of a rainbow is captured in their ink! What makes them perfect is, like other Frixion writing utensils, you can erase what you've written/drawn/highlighted without having to worry about messing up your works or troublesome eraser s
Apica Premium C.D. Notebooks
 Apica CO., Ltd has produced high quality notebooks they like to call, Apica Premium C.D. Notebooks. The C.D. stands for "classical design." Apica has reached all the marks that meet the satisfaction of passionate writers through these notebooks. They've taken heavy consideration into the very design of these notebooks, from the binding to the quality of the paper used. These notebooks certaintly live up to their "premium" titles. There are so many reasons why these not
Relaxing Eye Masks
  During the winter holidays, it is absolutely essential to relax. With long hours at work, you must be exhausted. Why don't you give your tired eyes a well deserved rest with KAO Megurhythm Eye Masks? What are KAO Megurhythm Eye Masks? This brilliant invention is the answer to all your weary eyed problems! Apply these eye masks to your eyes when they're closed and feel its magic. Each set of eye masks produces steam the temperature of approx. 40°C that comfortably soothes your eyes. Y
Japanese Cute Washi Tapes!
Washi paper was first made in Japan, it's usually made using fibers from the bark of an specific Japanese tree called "gampi", the paper mulberry or the "Mitsumata" bush. It can be also made using other materials like wheat, hemp, bamboo or rice, and his name means "Japanese paper", this term is used to describe the paper made by hand.  This paper is used for making the Washi Tapes, they're cute, they're Japanese and they're perfect for decor or packaging. Due
Sylvanian Families FURNITURE!
Few weeks ago we introduce you the SYLVANIAN FAMILIES one of the best known dollhouse sets ever. Created by the Japanese company Epoc in 1985, Sylvanian Families is a collectible line of dollhouses and animal figures. Although first Sylvanian Families were made of porcelain, nowadays they are made of other materials like plastic, metal and fake fur.     In our previous post we introduce you a carefully selected list of our best deals on Sylvanian Families sets and figures, today we wan
Fluffy & Soft - Biore Marshmall...
  Introducing Biore's Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash! Marshmallow マシュマロ is for how plush it is, and whip ホイップ is short for whipped cream, to express how gentle and soft it is. This facial wash is practically everyone's dreams. There isn't a facial wash out there as fluffy as this one! This facial wash comes in a pump bottle you can use to instantly creare fine bubbles that will cleanse your pores effectively. It applies skin purifying technology that compliments and improve
Midori D-CLIPS
Japanese stationery is unique, special and crazy, you never know what you´re going to find when you go to a Japanese stationery shop, you don´t even need to spend a lot of money to get something peculiar, the Japanese 100 yen shops are full of original stationery goods like tapes, stickers, notepads, letters & envelopes. Japanese stationery companies have the capacity to take those well known stationery goods, and transform them without modifying their usability. They&a
Instant Noodles!
Instant and cup noodles are a well known Asian and Japanese food. In fact instant noodles were invented by Mr Momofuku Ando which is probably one of the most important persons in Japan´s modern history. His company´s name is known around the world and the first one to produce instant noodles, Nissin Foods. This company´s main product, the well known "Cup Noodle" it is sold throughout the world.  According to a poll made in Japan on year 2000,