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【Special Feature】KRACIE Sweets ...
【J-SUBCULTURE-Shop Product Introductions】 Proven popular at J-Subculture for the last 5 to 6 years straight, the KRACIE sweets series! That all kinds of things can be made out of these sweets is a big hit with kids♪♪ Also gathering with family and friends to do some cookin' makes for swell moments! Like having fun comparing who does it most skillfully and such playful activities. Of course!! when completed you can joyfully eat them :)! There are also many other types of sweets
Blast Off To PNF-404!
Calling out to Nintendo players! Are you prepared to blast off to PNF-404 and help Olimar fix S.S. Dolphin to get back to Hocotate? Today we'd like to spread the word on Pikmin goods you can get here, at J-Subculture! If you're someone from the GameCube era, then you probably know about the game Pikmin. Even if you don't, you must have seen Olimar and his little plant friends here and there on the Nintendo Wii or 3DS. The Pikmin series offer a three-dimensional, real time strategy games with ex
Detective Conan Dolls!
  Detective Conan, or Case Closed is a highly popular manga/anime series known by practically any Japanese person out there, fan or not. It is a detective series about a young, high school detective named Jimmy Kudo (in the English series). Jimmy later adopts the name "Conan Edogawa" to protect his identity after transforming into his younger self, hence "Detective Conan." The realistic, action packed mystery series of Case Closed will always keep you begging for more. T
Pokemon Moncolle - Mega Evoluti...
We've got some special news for all your Pokemon fans out there! Next month, the Japanese toy company Takara Tomy will be releasing three awesome editions of Pokemon Moncolle: Shiny Mega Gengar, Shiny Mega Gardevoir, and Volcanion! If you're interested, scroll down for pics!: Shiny Mega Gengar! Look at his fearsome, trickster looks. He's fierce and wild! Here's Shiny Mega Gardevoir! In her sleek, black dress, she looks both beautiful and dangerous. And here's the legendary Volcanion! Being th
Drip Coffee Everywhere - Kalita...
  There is no better way to start the new day with a fresh cup of coffee...or two. While you can always hit the coffee shop nearby, you must acknowledge that there's something special about staying home and brewing up your own original cup. You can go for instant coffee, but if you truly want to enjoy the wholesome benefits and rich taste that coffee has to offer, then you must try drip coffee. It's also known as filter coffee, for its usage of filters. Japanese coffee lovers stay true to t
Kokuyo Stapleless Staplers!
Stapleless staplers?! What are those?! These AMAZING works of stationery are as just as their name implies; they're staplers that don't use staples! So wait, how are they staplers if they don't use staples? Let's find out. The acclaimed company of Japanese stationeries, Kokuyo, has produced a one of a kind item that will certainly rock your world. They look like staplers, have the same function of a stapler, and they are truly called "staplers," but their designs are extraordinary. T
For an unforgettable journey! -...
You behold a beautiful scenery that leaves deep impressions, sit in a coffee shop to unwhide from a busy sightseeing tour through the city or a philosophic moment comes to as you wait at a remote railway station, with MIDORI's Travel's Notebook series you may capture the essence of the those very moments and make it an unforgettable memory. The notebooks come in two, brown and black, respective three colors, the 2015 limited blue edition, and two size formats, regular and passport. The starter k
Japanese Cute Washi Tapes!
Washi paper was first made in Japan, it's usually made using fibers from the bark of an specific Japanese tree called "gampi", the paper mulberry or the "Mitsumata" bush. It can be also made using other materials like wheat, hemp, bamboo or rice, and his name means "Japanese paper", this term is used to describe the paper made by hand.  This paper is used for making the Washi Tapes, they're cute, they're Japanese and they're perfect for decor or packaging. Due
Pilot fountain pen Prera Iro-Ai...
Prera Fountain Pen The Prera Fountain Pen Collection is crafted with a clear resin barrel for showcasing beautiful inks. each pen is infused with frosted colored accents, with seven eye-catching options to choose from. Equipped with a vacuum seal cap and capillary controlled ink delivery system, Prera Fountain Pen nibs are protected from drying out and will not blot on writing surfaces. ・Available in 7 different accent colors ・Frosted & color infused accents ・A specially designed capil
Bath Roman Bath Salts!
Coming home from after a long day working is truly a pleasure. Is the perfect moment to rest, to calm yourself down. And those precious moments will be more perfect if you decide to take a long bath… but not a simple one. A warm and delicate bath with the amazing Bath Roman Natural Skincare Japanese bath salts.    Bath Roman Natural SkinCare bath salt series features all kind of wonderful and natural herbal essences to help relax your tired body while it moisturizes your exhaust