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Fuwarinka Candy For Rosy Days
  The beautiful rose helps us to express our love to someone close to us. Roses represent deep love, elegance, and beauty. Besides poetic significance, roses also offer amazing benefits to our health. While roses are believed to relieve tension and stress through its entrancing aroma, they also help balance and smoothen our skin, while also being able to bring color to our lips and cheeks. How can we truly enjoy these wonderful benefits from roses without having to go through the process of
【Special Feature】KRACIE Sweets ...
【J-SUBCULTURE-Shop Product Introductions】 Proven popular at J-Subculture for the last 5 to 6 years straight, the KRACIE sweets series! That all kinds of things can be made out of these sweets is a big hit with kids♪♪ Also gathering with family and friends to do some cookin' makes for swell moments! Like having fun comparing who does it most skillfully and such playful activities. Of course!! when completed you can joyfully eat them :)! There are also many other types of sweets
Drip Coffee Everywhere - Kalita...
  There is no better way to start the new day with a fresh cup of coffee...or two. While you can always hit the coffee shop nearby, you must acknowledge that there's something special about staying home and brewing up your own original cup. You can go for instant coffee, but if you truly want to enjoy the wholesome benefits and rich taste that coffee has to offer, then you must try drip coffee. It's also known as filter coffee, for its usage of filters. Japanese coffee lovers stay true to t
Anpanman Plush Dolls!
Your child is sleepy… he or she needs to go to bed, but he won´t fall asleep if he doesn´t have with himself a particular, close and spongy friend. He doesn´t want any kind of plushy doll… he has the perfect friend already, and its name is Anpanman! And what your child needs is an Anpanman sweet and plushy doll!! Every cute and super funny Anpanman characters are perfectly well designed in order to be perfect to huge… your kids they are going to love them!
Uni Style Fit Gel Multi Pen Ref...
All the writing with ink pen lovers will surely be fascinated with the item we are introducing to you! You already know that Uni-ball writing pens are practically the best of the world. The Mitshubishi Pencil Corp, creators of the fantastic gel pen, the super famous Uni-Ball Signo, have created their latest custom multi pen series of ink cartridge refilling. These are gel ink refills for the Uni-Ball Style Fit writing system, and it´s certainly a super high quality ink (notice that the pe
【Special Feature】SPY×FAMILY
Anya: so cool!!! Anya's words and actions are very cute☺ Spy x Family is a comedic slice-of-life-style anime series that follows three individuals with exceptional abilities and some dark secrets. There are various figures of Hatsune Miku, so please search for "SPY×FAMILY" ! Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests!
Bandai Star Wars Plastic Model ...
For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ Neither STAR WARS nor BANDAI need much of an introduction we think, both have been long-establish brands. However when these two join forces, fans of the Star Wars franchise can frolic of the sight of collectibles the cooperation of brands brings about. Bandai plastic model kits are no exception to this excitement and enjoy great popularity. Like the movies are always anxiously anticipated, also hobby enthusiast look forward eagerly to new rel
Midori Mini Magnets!
  To those with a great memory, you probably remember that we've introduced to you before a series of adorable animal mini clips by the Japanese stationery company. (Interested in this product? click the following link for details: www.j-subculture.com/guides/sub/623). Today at J-Subculture, we'd like to introduce you to a different adorable series from Midori. They're Midori Mini Magnets! Midori's stationery game is going on strong with these perfectly tiny and practical magnets! The
Japanese Makeup - Eyelashes
A popular must-do for Japanese-styled make up is putting on false eyelashes. Japanese people tend to have eyelashes that are fine and short. Since most Japanese people want to go for the dolly-eyed, anime-styled look of bigger, fuller eyes, many use false eyelashes when putting on their makeup. Putting on false eyelashes volumize one's eyes, producing a more open-eyed, brighter look. False eyelashes are a staple to "kawaii" make up and fashion. Depending on the type and color of the ey
Mandom - GATSBY
 Mandom's product line, GATSBY, provides a wide selection of grooming products specifically for men. GATSBY products provide total support for men who want to and heighten/improve their hair, skin, and body odor. GATSBY products have been sold in Japan since 1978 by Mandom Corporation. Its products don't follow the trends for what is cool and stylish for men--they set the trends! GATSBY is the main product created and sold by Mandom Corporation. Its mission is, "to support me